Taxus Cardium Pharmaceuticals Group Inc. is a holding company that manages and operates a portfolio of equity-based and potential royalty-driven investments as follows: (1) Angionetics, currently a majority-owned business unit focused on the late-stage clinical development and commercialization of Generx®, an angiogenic gene therapy product candidate designed for medical revascularization for the potential treatment of patients with myocardial ischemia and refractory angina due to advanced coronary artery disease. (Please visit for more information); (2) the Excellagen® technology platform, now under management by Activation Therapeutics (, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taxus Cardium Pharmaceuticals Group, has broad potential applications as a delivery platform for small molecule drugs, proteins and biologics and as an FDA-cleared flowable dermal matrix for advanced wound care, which is currently being held as an investment for future sale or internal commercialization. (Please visit  for more information); (3) LifeAgain, an advanced medical data analytics (ADAPT®) technology platform focused on developing new and innovative products for the life insurance and healthcare sectors; and (4) Healthy Brands Collective, a functional food and nutraceutical company which acquired Taxus Cardium’s To Go Brands® business. (Please visit for more information).

Business Strategy & Goals

  • The advancement of our international Phase 3 registration clinical study for Generx® which is currently underway in the Russian Federation, and the release of findings from interim data analysis in the mid-2014.
  • With clinical success, initiate marketing and sale of Generx in Russia and other CIS countries with local distribution partners, and initiate meetings with the U.S. FDA to seek harmonization between the International Clinical Study with Cardium’s already FDA-cleared Generx Phase 3 clinical study in an effort to advance the U.S.-based clinical studies supported by a strategic clinical development partner.
  • Strategically partner and monetize our FDA-cleared pharmaceutically formulated collagen commercial wound care product Excellagen®, for select U.S.-based vertical market channels, and build on Cardium’s capabilities and resources to leverage Excellagen as an advanced regenerative medicine delivery platform by identifying new and innovative product extensions for tissue regeneration based on stem cells, biologics, peptides and small molecule drugs for future development by Cardium.
  • Advance the commercialization of our non-core LifeAgain Insurance Solutions advanced medical data analytics business investment that is focused on the development, marketing and sale of “survivable risk” term life insurance for cancer survivors or others with medical conditions who are currently considered uninsurable based on traditional underwriting standards, but in medically-definable subgroups of whom are now expected to have a normal life span due to medical advancements. The Company plans to potentially support the growth and development of this business and technology platform through the sale of a minority stake in our LifeAgain business to a strategic partner or financial investors
  • Monetize Cardium’s equity stake in its non-core Healthy Brands Collective (Cell-nique Corporation) investment. We acquired this investment through the recent sale of our To Go Brands® health sciences business through an asset exchange for a preferred equity position in Healthy Brands. Healthy Brands has been making significant acquisitions and has reported plans to move forward as a public company as its current businesses advance and grow through further acquisition.